Chanel launches new Code Coco campaign

Editorial • 27/11/18

Alma Jodorowsky returns to the new Code Coco campaign (she was the face for the earlier timepiece campaign) with Alice Dellal, Soo Joo Park and Nozomi Iijima. The monochrome campaign video and images were all filmed and shot in the Ritz Hotel in Paris, which is synonymous with Chanel as Coco Chanel herself used to refer to The Ritz as ‘her home,’ after taking up residence in the infamous Coco Suite. Her residence for 34 years to be precise.

Chanel is releasing the Code Coco, an iconic female watch in a new colourway. Earlier in January of this year, the steel version made its debut, now, Chanel introduces the piece again, this time in black ceramic.

The design

A black lacquer rectangle runs down the middle, divided only by the clasp. Equipped with a discreet dial, lacking both numbers and markers, on the other side, a single diamond. A high-precision quartz movement is found deep within the watch, designed to provide effortless maintenance, and depending on the user's preferences options with or without diamonds around the bezel can be selected.

Code Coco is refreshingly classic and modern at the same time. From the way, the strap is designed to the way, the case mimics the look and feel of the clasp from Chanel’s iconic 2.55 bag, which was first created in 1955.  The watch is designed to wrap around your wrist, the bracelet clasps and slides into the case before closing with a satisfying “click,” in effect mirroring how a 2.55 bag would be securely closed shut.

All in the details…

Quilted ceramics
The bracelet, inspired by Chanel’s signature quilt pattern, in black ceramic and steel.

Attractive accents
The Code Coco’s elegant dial is decorated with a princess-cut diamond.

Midnight beauty
The beautifully simple face comes in jet-black lacquer.

Sophisticated size
The watch’s dimensions are 38.1mm by 21.5mm.

Dazzling display
The watch’s bezel is set with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds. Also has the option of a plain bezel.

Hide and Seek
The watch can be rotated to expose or conceal the time.

Hidden horsepower
A high-precision quartz movement found inside with a water-resistant to 30 metres.

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