Designer Swimwear to Change the World. Rachael Wang x OOKIOH Sustainable Range

Editorial • 29/07/20

Designer Swimwear to Change the World. Rachael Wang x OOKIOH Sustainable Range

The Adidas and Allbirds collaboration in attempts of creating the world’s most sustainable pair of designer trainers started a chain reaction. The new exclusive in the world of ethical fashion is a whole range of sustainable designer swimwear, a creation of the collaboration between Rachael Wang and OOKIOH.

OOKIOH has always been a brand specializing in designer swimwear that came with a label of eco- friendly attached. Whereas Rachael Wang, a creative director and stylist, has always been a passionate advocate of sustainable fashion and ethical practices. This is a match! Joined forces of two sustainable luxury fashion pillars has highlighted a rather ambitious goal – they have committed to going pre-consumer plastic-free by 2022.

The range of sustainable designer swimwear will be rocking earthly shades, such as white, ivory, deep green and khaki. In terms of cuts, it will have everything one may seek to offer. From traditional one-piece swimsuits to Instagrammable high-end bikinis, the collection is expected to cater to different needs and expectations.

This collection is made from recycled nylon and plastic bottles, ensuring it has been crafted ethically and sustainably. While OOKIOH prides themselves for creating their designer swimwear collections in Italy, this one is to be more localized, supporting local garment workers in LA, Wang’s hometown.

To amp up its success and availability, the collection not only offers a variety of styles but also sizes. Inclusive sizing of the range goes from XS to XXL, catering to most of the body types. The supply chain is being prided on staying 100% sustainable, even the packaging being fully compostable polymail.

The collection has already debuted and is being sold on OOKIOH’s online store. Even selling wise, the collaboration supports is cause by dedicating ten per cent of net towards tackling intersectional environmentalism.

Will the trend of sustainable designer fashion blow off and take over the industry at last? Because the roots are there and they are growing strong.


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