Designer to watch: Caroline Hu

Editorial • 24/10/17

Caroline Hu, she caught our eye...

Caroline Hu is a New York based womenswear designer. Born in Shenzhen China, she earned her BFA from Central Saint Martins College in London and went onto graduate from the MFA Fashion Design & Society program at Parsons School of Design in New York in 2017.

“I want my designs to give people a reason to turn around, take a breathe, pause a moment, look closer and consider the moments of beauty and poetry around us, in what at times seems a complex and dangerous world.”

Her talent rests in the manipulation of textiles. Colour, fabric and creativity are intertwined with her vision, Hu’s process involves studying fabric that in turn informs the silhouette, creating garments that offer a journey of discovery through a whimsy combination of both detail and movement.

We sat down with Caroline to find out more on herself and the industry.

Who are you designing for?

My ideal girl/woman should be a 'contemporary romantic' filled with positive energy. A very delicate emotional individual but also brave enough to follow and express their heart…

Your designs combine elements of Rei Kawabuko’s approach, would you say she is an inspiration? 

Referring to the deconstructed nature of Kawabuko and her "use of scrunched-up paper, rather than muslin, to create the form” …  I design over the body rather than following a controlled silhouette. I try to use muslin to make a toile, but it does not articulate my vision. So that's why I used paper akin to Kawakubo.

Of course, I love Rei Kawabuko's designs. But I have my own language and personal view to explore within my designs.

What changes are happening and excite you in the industry? 

I think in the next two years everything is going to change, the rules are now broken. Different types of designers are rising throughout the world and as such will have a great influence on fashion industry. And with the fashion industry focused on inclusiveness much more than in the past, I feel this is good timing for new designers to build up their own brand. Lots of people are interested to discover young designers early as well as see their thought process.

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

How to build up my team and let people know my brand. I think building up the Caroline Hu 'DNA' is the most important thing for me.

What is next for Caroline Hu?

I am looking for a business partner and preparing my next season, I hope people can be deeply touched by it.

Favourite Brands?

Maison Margiela

Tell us something we don’t know about Caroline Hu?

My MFA collection has been sponsored by French lace company, Sophie Hallette where I focused on detail and fluidity.


Caroline uses her designs as a language to seek her vision of the ‘romantic’. Each part of her process is to impart an emotional context to her followers and customers. Caroline wants us to focus inwards rather than the surroundings of the busy lives we lead, learning to love ourselves again.



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