Falling for Fendi

Editorial • 17/10/17

Fendi is Rome, not Lagerfeld.

Palazzo Fendi "is not simply a flagship boutique - it is an experience that allows visitors to enjoy the magic of Fendi" In fact it is much more, what lies behind the Palazzo on Via della Fontanella di Borghese is pure enchantment.

The ground floor boutique combines both men and women's Ready to wear, whilst a quick traverse to the second floor plays home to Palazzo Privè, an Italianate oasis clad in Fendi Casa products (yes, that is the home interior range). This area is reserved for discerning clientele. However, you need not worry about visiting the second when you can just stay on the 3rd floor hotel. The aptly named Su`ites, is home to 7 chic suites, mere moments from the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, and within walking distance to Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and Vatican City. (View here) And as one has to eat on occasion, how about Japanese on the fourth floor. Zuma the renowned fusion chain restaurant sits atop the Palazzo, making sure every desire is catered for.

In 2015, Fendi's love affair with Rome, moved its global office to one of Rome's most iconic structures - the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. The symmetrical arches and travertine marble are an poetic example of 20th century Roman architecture. 2016 another landmark year saw Fendi celebrated 90 years from its beginning as a family-run atelier in the historic heart of Rome with a very unique and special event.

The the Fall/Winter 2016-17 Haute Fourrure collection, showcased its collection over a suspended clear stage across the glassy waters of the iconic Trevi Fountain. The show location, coincided with the reopening of the Trevi fountain. Of which, the house had paid the £2m bill for the restoration.

It is hard to over-shadow the history lying within the ancient city, but one thing is such, Fendi is very much Rome and Rome is very much Fendi. A beautiful intertwining with passion, power and poise, a marriage that we hope lasts for eternity.

"Fendi has a deep bond with Rome, the city our house was founded 90 years ago and that has always inspired us. The funding of these restoration projects was very important not just as an act of philanthropy, but as a way to thank the eternal city for all that we have been given in these years. " Pietro Beccari, CEO.

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