Harry Styles, Gucci and Animals. Sound Familiar?

Editorial • 30/09/18

Harry Styles has been dialled in again for another Gucci campaign, this time for the Cruise 2019 collection.

If this may seem familiar, earlier this year the 24 year old singer was photographed in a ‘Chip shop' with an array of farmyard animals in his clutches and around his feet, for the Autumn/Winter 19 Collection. Normality never surrounds a fashion campaign, let alone a Alessandro Michele Gucci one.

In deep contrast to the ‘Chip shop’ environment of northern England, Harry styles is found sprawling the grounds of Villa Lante, north of Rome. A garden filled with, fountains and dripping grottoes that will leave you awestruck as with all Italian Renaissance gardens.

A history lesson for all: the gardens contain a ‘Houses of the Muses, which encloses the large Fountain of the Deluge that terminates the main axis of the garden.’ A rather apt point in that Harry Styles recurring campaign work could label him as Michele’s muse.

The magic and mystery of Glen Luchford remains the photographer in question and he has captured the absurd reality of wearing Gucci to handle animals. This being said. Harry looked perfect, as he is styled in the 70’s nonchalant era that only Harry pulls off so well. Oversized collars resting atop of a velvet blazer, an excess of brooches that Harry would probably wear on the day to day. Ring clad hands akin to Michele and lastly a Julius Cesar style headband that only Cesar, Styles and Keith Richards could pull off with ease.

The Gucci Cruise campaign sees Harry Styles always handling a piglet or lamb. At one point the lamb graces Harry with a lick, ( clearly a One Direction fan). Luchford also captures the moment in monochrome presenting us with an immediate nostalgic throwback to a bygone era.

One could see Harry rock Gucci from Alessandro Michele’s epoch for the rest of eternity and he would never be out of place in terms of seasonality.

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