High-end Bag to Love This Summer is a Furoshiki by Roop

Editorial • 04/08/20

High-end Bag to Love This Summer is a Furoshiki by Roop

After the lockdown was put in place and we have suddenly lost the need to go somewhere that requires us to carry essentials with us, the need of a high-end bag has faded, making designer collections only function as a dust collector in the wardrobe. That is, of course, apart from a trustworthy designer tote bag that covered us when grocery shopping. However, the pandemic has also given many uprising designers a chance to grow that they might not have had had otherwise. Throughout the four months of the pandemic a certain trend has arisen on Instagram, sporting small, cloud-like knotted bags, coloured in ice-cream pastel hues and jewel tones. A high-end bag became the salvation of a Manchester-based brand Roop.

The founder of Roop, Natasha Fernandes Anjo, came up with her idea by a mere accidentally. Having previously been working at the fabric shop, she has taken a piece of material that was cut too small to make a shirt and turned it into what has now turned into a high-end back – a furoshiki bag. The origins of such idea are even simpler – Natasha had googled what can she done with a metre of fabric, and the said search result has become the foundation of Roop. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese method of wrapping fabrics to hold items within – just like a bag. It is basically all about knot, ties and elegance – perfect for the pint-sized designer handbags of Roop.

Having been born in September last year, the brand had been focusing on recycling and giving life to leftover material, gathering follower-ship of eco-conscious patrons. Even now that the brand has blown up it still stays true to its green mission, using deadstock materials. Natasha admits that growing without buying new fabrics is difficult but not impossible. In her understanding it’s just yet another challenge and challenges make her thrive.

Despite the pandemic making us hide our designer bags away, Roop has blossomed in the lockdown. Having extra time on her hand allowed Natasha to focus on the growth of her brand rather than being limited by a full-time job. She admitted feeling guilty it’s the pandemic that helped her to get the visibility, but she is also very happy having her hard work recognised. In fact, Roop isn’t the only small label to blossom throughout the pandemic. Many of small, independent and local brands have hit the jackpot in the pandemic as the world stopped being as hectic and fast moving, allowing consumers to evaluate their not-always-environment-friendly clothing, and therefore turning away from corporations. Roop thinks sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is the future of the industry now that its damages have been closely assessed by the wider population.

Furoshiki bags isn’t the only thing Roop has to offer – there are also XXL hair scrunchies, made from the same material and prints as the bags – so perfect to mix and match. Many influencers and even world- wide celebrities have recognised Roop’s works and are impatiently waiting for the new collection to drop. In the meantime, the brand has stepped away from its Instagram throne – an arrival of Roop’s bags has just arrived to Selfridges.


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