Kanye hitting the right chord in fashion

Editorial • 07/02/18

Yeezy season 6 on marketing...

You may have seen taupe and grey hues across your instagram feed over the last week, in the form of Yeezy season 6 by Kanye West.

Whilst the rest of the fashion community guesses what will Kanye do next; drag us out to Roosevelt Island in the sweltering heat, have a show, not have a show or demand pole position at fashion week. His designs have not yet set the world alight, his marketing however just might.

For Season 6, he has done something entirely different, he has employed his wife Kim Kardashian West as the model in question. But rather than traditional methods of displaying a collection, a series of shots have appeared of Kim clad in Season 6 looking blissfully unaware whilst going about her daily business. Think a paparazzi shot but taken by your spouse and his iPhone.

As shown in the photos, getting out of a car, sucking on a lollipop, leaving a convenience store. The photos are a novel way of presenting a lookbook. This may be his smartest move yet. As the use of his wife's page is far more reaching and engaging than any fashion show could be. In turn saving his valuable dollars.

The rudimentary approach to these images and his sport-luxe come army tracksuiting attire, has meant that these images can be easily reach the masses. Never has a human desire for blandness within teenagers hit such heights.

As such causing the internet to react with wildfire. Additional celebrities were dialled in to ramp up the campaign. Paris Hilton, Jordyn Woods, Sarah Snyder, Abigail Ratchford and Sami Miro to name just a few, all dressed up as clones of Kim, even completing the look with platinum dye's / wigs and a series of cars to haul themselves out of.

They broke the internet again. All of which means one thing, Kim and Kanye remain the king and queen of popular culture whether you like it or not. He has challenged conventional norms in which fashion designers should consider operating or leveraging. This alternative marketing strategy is his greatest success to date. A tick for Kanye and his ever expanding creativity, well, he does label himself a genius after all.


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