Marchesi 1824 is coming to London’s Mount Street.

Editorial • 29/01/19

Marchesi in Mayfair.

The Mayfair neighbourhood has added more glamour to what can only be described as London’s chicest street, Mount Street. The home to establishments such as the Seafood restaurant, Scott’s. Sautter Cigar Shop, the once residence of Sir Winston Churchill. Luxury brands including Goyard, Celine and Rubinacci smatter the street. And should you need stationery, The Mount Street Printers, with their Royal Warrant will take care of you, once you purchase your new home from estate agents Wetherell. However, should this be too bland for your taste then pop into Richard Mille and both the Porsche showroom to let your passions prevail?

Bear in mind that the street from one end to the other can be covered in just over a 5-minute walk. But should the retail therapy exhaustion take hold, then relax in the Coburg bar at the imposing Connaught hotel located sweeping around the corner of Mount-street.

So what more can you fit into this street, well to be honest, what addition is befitting enough?

At one point neighbourhood chatter and even signage led to a flurry of excitement that Dean & Deluca, the New York Delicatessen was arriving to overtake the once flourishing butchers, Allen's, position. Yet within several months, the signage was down and property magnates Grosvenor reclaimed the space, as a result denying locals their D&D truffle salt.

But fear not, now launching within this space will be Milan pastry shop Pasticceria Marchesi, more commonly known as, Marchesi 1824. A part-owned pastry shop owned by none other than Prada. Pastry, Prada and Mount Street, we feel it ticks the box for Chic appeal.

For those not familiar with Marchesi 1824, this will be the first outpost from Milan, The original Marchesi is located at via Santa Maria Alla Porta, off Corso Magenta, with its art nouveau interiors. Its symmetrical presentation, means rows of pastries, chocolates and cakes are jewel-like in appearance that all rest beneath the bar serving a mix of coffee and cocktails.

In 2014, Prada bought a majority stake in Marchesi adding two cafes in the process one on Via Monte Napoleone and one in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. For those in the know, the Monte Napoleone outpost sits in the middle of our equivalent to Bond Street, resulting in a constant well-heeled flow of traffic. Prada’s eau de nil paint combined with Prada staff aprons meant you knew who the new owners were.

This culinary landmark is unique enough for Mount Street and has retained its original aesthetic found since inception in 1824. So come April 2019, the location of 117 Mount Street, will be providing a pastry counter, bakery, café, cakes, biscuits and sweets, as well as chocolates, Italian ice cream and the infamous Marchesi panettone.

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