Minimalist Luxury Footwear. Daniel Essa Is Set to Shape the Future

Editorial • 19/04/21

Minimalist Luxury Footwear. Daniel Essa Is Set to Shape the Future

With job losses and the uncertainty in the world caused by the pandemic there is a certain shift in consumer behavior. And based on that we can safely rule out that the future trends will revolve around sustainability and social issues, with buyers gravitating towards minimalism as a sign of longevity and security. A young name in the luxury footwear landscape is steadily earning his place under the sun by being quick to adopt the emerging trend.

Daniel Essa is set to shape the future of luxury footwear by bringing to the market minimalistic designs that are aimed to support slow fashion movement. The designs in his collection are customizable and timeless, having already earned favors of Hollywood stars and fashion bigshots. Despite the minimalism of the sneakers, they are perceived as a tool of expression. The brand focuses on personalization of each pair they produce, establishing a personal, intimate relationship with the wearer, thus giving sentimental value to every piece rather than just a status of a designer item.

Although the restrictions around the world are still far from being lifted, we all feel the need of refreshing our wardrobes now and then. It does not mean replacing every item we own – rather throwing something new into the mix. This luxury footwear brand is perfect for just that – clean lines and eye-catching minimalistic designs are made to flatter any outfit.

Handcrafted using bovine leather that’s been hand tinted to avoid carbon footprint, Daniel Essa shoe stands out for its seamless leather layering techniques. Such approach challenges traditional shoemaking, thus promising big changes in luxury footwear industry.

The key is to combine traditional techniques with the newest technology, thus producing shoes that are durable, imaginative and truly a piece of art in their minimalistic glory.

Complex yet sleek designs combine comfort and functionality that go hand-in-hand with elegance, chic and individuality. Such mix is still foreign to the world of luxury footwear and thus it’s not a trend – it's the future.

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