Pangaia Launches a Sustainable Designer Activewear Collection

Editorial • 21/06/21

Despite being a rather new brand, Pangaia has earned its place in the world of designer fashion very quick. Since its debut in 2018, the sustainable lifestyle brand attracted attention of masses and celebrities alike. Among the advocates you can spot celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber. And so, the next step of Pangaia became launching a sustainable designer activewear collection.

It’s not the first time the brand is branching out into new categories. Although best known for eco- friendly athleisure and loungewear such as sweatshirts, tanks, shorts, tees and sweatpants, the brand is known to experiment. It has recently tapped into outwear, shoes and accessories. A sustainable designer active wear collection that’s about to be dropped is new to Pangaia.

The collection isn’t big – it only includes nine pieces. Pagaia Gym collection covers both men’s and women’s style. The sustainable designer activewear collection offers different types of workout apparel: leggings, jumpsuits, sweatshirts, sports bras, tees and bike shorts. It is also available in six colourways.

According to Pangaia, the reason behind tapping into sustainable designer activewear market is the brand acting on what their audience asked for. Part of the brand’s strategy is listening to the feedback on the products that their very engaged community is merry to provide. They have also hinted that Pangaia Gym collection is only the first step towards the bigger goal: activewear products that are fully bio-based.

The inspiration for the collection was 1980s infomercials. The sportswear is made using bio-based nylon, stretch yarns and seaweed fiber, promoting both stylish looks and eco-friendly products. The items are being produced using renewable resources. Pangaia are proud to reveal that the final products are at least 90% biobased. In other words, the materials used to produce them are also sourced from renewable biological sources.

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