Return of an Iconic Designer Bag – Mulberry’s Alexa is Back

Editorial • 04/11/20

Return of an Iconic Designer Bag – Mulberry's Alexa is Back

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Mulberry decided to relaunch its most iconic designer bag – the Alexa. First launched in 2010, this cross-body sachet silhouette has made its way into a wishlist of every fashionista and never left it.

The name Alexa was given to honour a notable devotee and a frequent wearer of a Mulberry briefcase, TV presenter and designer Alexa Chung. Her love for another of their products is what drove Mulberry to create a designer bag similar to the one the TV presenter loved, but more relaxed and modern in this traditionally formal shape. And such decision wound up to be a huge hit for a decade – we can even call Alexa classics at this point.

The Alexa of 2020 did not undergo many design changes but was explained to become “refined in style” to stay aligned to the brand’s commitment to responsible innovation. This year’s range was more mindful of its supply chain, being crafted in carbon-neutral factories from gold standard leather and environmentally accredited tanneries.

In their own words, Mulberry explained the update of the iconic designer bag as “a modern, sustainable approach to luxury.”

Similarly to the original range, the Alexa bag is going to be available in classic, Mini and Oversized silhouettes to match needs to every fan out there. The palette will let one go as wild with the choices as they want: from a traditional Mulberry palette of green, deep amber and black to neutral earthy tones to crazy neon shades. In other words, the iconic designer bag will now reach all kinds of the audience having close to no limitations in terms of the colour.

The campaign of celebrating the relaunch of the Alexa is followed by incredible imagery, provided and directed by Francesco Nazardo, styled by Eliza Conlon and stared by Steffi Cook. To go all out, Oliver Burslem collaborated to even produce a short film. All visuals share the protagonist’s search for the iconic silhouette through dreamscapes and landscapes.

Additionally, Mulberry is providing sponsorship to the V&A Museum’s ‘Bags: Inside Out’ exhibition that is set to open on November 21st. Alexa Chung was kind enough to give an Alexa bag of her private collection for the museum.

The Alexa 2020 bag will become globally available on November 2. Mini Alexa is said to go for £895, Oversized for £1295 and the traditional sized Alexa will cost £1095.

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