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Editorial • 06/03/18

Sacai is very special to us in the UK. Chitose Abe the designer behind the brand always brings the goods...

Visit any well-heeled city and see swaths of global consumers adorned in Gucci ‘logo’ t-shirts, Balenciaga caps and denim jackets, Louboutin trainers and or heel combinations shuffling around main shopping drags looking to throw money at a brand to ensure they look like a clone of the next person on the same street. Well safe to say a brand who never comes near this level of mass trend is Sacai.

Japanese designer Chitose Abe is bloody cool. She designs bloody well, and produces clothes that turn heads without being cliche. View more from Sacai here

Abe worked at Comme des Garçons prior to launching her own label, under the tutelage of the iconic Rei Kawakubo, she has adopted her own style of avant garde and reverie that only few can achieve. She is the owner and sole designer of her business, answering to why her authenticity rings true. Notably Karl Lagerfeld is a big fan of her work.

Abe lives by a Japanese expression. ‘one instance leads you to many’, to her this means that she must be patient and never give up on what you want. The success of Sacai can be attributed to this, as it was 20 years ago that saw her pick up her knitting kit from a Tokyo apartment to start the business. Abe delivered another refreshing show at Paris Fashion Week a very strong use of graphics, combined with a play on oversized. Her use of half and half meant block colours sat complimentary and her intertwining of bombers with blazers looked natural. A dramatic entrance with an oversized down jacket, worm by Kaia Gerber initially suggests an unwearable collection, but in true form Abe suspends reality then gives us practicality in the collection.

Dramatic, effortless, wearable and unique. Few qualities we have seen at the fashion weeks thus far.

View the full show ...


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