Yvonne Léon And Her Diamonds

Editorial • 19/10/18

Yvonne Léon and her passion for animals, flea markets and diamonds has resulted in a jewellery collection to die for.

Heavily inspired by her family's roots within the jewellery trade, Yvonne Léon’s, earliest memory of jewellery was that of a marquise-cut diamond and ruby ring worn by her grandmother. This was the seed of a dream that led to Léon creating her own brand.

A graduate of the famous Parisian school Esmod, she initially spent early years working as a stylist and editorial assistant within the fashion world before realising her true passion of jewellery design.

Yvonne Léon designs each collection through visualisation, a technique she uses to make women feel both feminine and elegant is dressing a line of diamonds under the ear, known as Les Dessou d'Oreille.

Her passion for animals has seen a series of owls, seahorses, felines, crocodiles and crabs dressed in diamonds, this stems from her self professed paradoxical fear and love.

“I have been interested in animals whilst also scared of many of them. I love to feature animals in my rings and earrings, they allow me to bring my jewellery to life and to play with a mix of colours and materials.”

Léon works across all forms of gold from hammered to brushed, which is evident within the collection, something that might not be obvious is the connection and passion Yvonne Léon shares with the world of vintage. The Saint-Ouen flea market being a core source of inspiration for her, what is clear to see within the collections is originality and a mixing of bygone traditions and designs found within the markets, resulting in precious stones and diamond pieces.

To see some marvellous pieces, view here.

Did you know?

In the 1980s, Léons father designed earrings for her mother as she who wanted to wear more jewellery without having to re-pierce her ears. Additionally this inspired Léon to rework designs and offer variations including pearls, leaf and pear-cut diamonds in a new spirit of alternative jewellery.



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